Personalized support for every couple during their first steps into parenthood​

Prepare for this important moment of yours. Feel empowered, confident and connected with your body and baby, during pregnancy and postpartum period. 

Hello, I am Anastasia!

I am Anastasia Psaropoulou and I am a midwife, childbirth educator and hypnobirthing coach, baby massage instructor and lactation consultant.

I’ve spent over a decade in Greece and The Netherlands helping couples get ready for the adventure of having a baby. From my extensive experience, I know that each couple’s needs are unique. That’s why I offer customized classes tailored to fit your individual preferences. What can you expect from me? Many couples have benefitted from my comprehensive knowledge, unwavering support, and encouraging attitude. 

In 2020 I became a mother to a boy, here in The Netherlands. So, I know first hand the challenges expat parents are facing, and I am specializing in supporting them navigate through them.

It’s my pleasure to offer you all of these and more! I’m proud to help expectant parents confidently navigate the path ahead, and it brings me joy to continue to do so. With me by your side, you’ll feel prepared and confident for this exciting journey into motherhood!


Hypnobirthing / Prenatal classes

Prenatal lessons that provide you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy your pregnancy. Hypnobirthing and Lamage-method (birth without fear) sessions, based on deep relaxation for a comfortable childbirth.

You will gain or maximize the confidence and ability to give birth without fear to trust your inner strength and intuition. Whether you have a home birth, hospital birth, medicated, or natural birth, those classes can walk you through what you need to know before having a baby.

There are multiple options offered for attending the sessions: Via physical attendance or Online, in a group setting, or privately.

Breastfeeding Consultation

Breastfeeding may be normal and natural, but it’s not always simple and straightforward; it’s a skill, and it requires effort & practice.

During the breastfeeding consultation sessions you learn how to breastfeed your baby and overcome potential challenges  and anxiety associated with breastfeeding and lactation problems.

My role is influential in protecting, promoting, and supporting you in your breastfeeding efforts – with advice tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

Infant & baby massage

There is no right or wrong way to massage your baby. Baby massage is all about touch, whether physical or emotional.

Every parent is the expert on his own child and gives the ability to respond according to the baby’s needs. Infants have unique personalities and parents learn how to respond appropriately to their baby’s needs through baby massage classes.

The classes are baby centered. Ideal for all babies between 2- 12 months old.

Baby massage sessions are group sessions, with physical attendance

Reach out to enquire about planned sessions, availability & pricing, and arrange an appointment. Sessions are taking place in Eindhoven (and the surrounding areas for private appointments). Online / hybrid sessions are also possible.

Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life

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