Preparing for childbirth is like preparing for a marathon, creating physical and psychological endurance and filling in information and tools to use at that time. Pregnancy and Delivery, is particularly an important and subversive period in a couple’s life. This time between conception and birth is full of changes, physical and emotional, which, in addition to joy and enthusiasm, raises various questions, concerns, fears. If you want to be the protagonist of your own birth, to know what’s going on in your body during pregnancy and childbirth, and to prepare for your breastfeeding and the coming of your baby at these meetings, you will find what you ask for.
Knowledge is power and power for birth exists in every woman. Such an important period of our lives is good to be informed, to trust our body, to fight our fears, to strengthen ourselves both for this period of pregnancy, for the birth and reception of the new member, and for during the period of the litter.

Becoming a mother is a weekly meeting to sharing, inform and empower new parents for childbirth.
🌸How does childbirth begin? (Counting contractio
🌸How will I figure it out? 
🌸When do I go to the maternity ward or call my home support team? 
🌸What are the stages of childbirth and what happens to each of them? (Childbirth Attitudes)
🌸How do I welcome my baby? (first hour after childbirth) (Breastfeeding)
🌸What is the birth plan? (I’m updating and making my own plan)
🌸What can I do during childbirth to relieve pain and help with its progression?
🌸How can my partner help me? (Attitudes, movements, techniques, breathing, relaxation and vision, based on the Birthlight ™ method)

Preparing the couple is the most direct way to get empowered and to feel confident about the new role they take.
The meeting is based on objective information on childbirth, respecting the choices of woman and her partner, experiential exercises that strengthen the couple’s bond with their baby and preparation for the birth and the arrival of the new member.

There is also plenty of time to ask questions and discuss your thoughts in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere and within a unique group of 6 meetings.

Lessons start Sunday 21 April 2019 – every Sunday at 10.30am

Duration: 2.30 hours / meeting
The sessions can be done in English or in Greek
☕ 🍌 🍞 Of course, our appointments are accompanied by coffee, tea and healthy snacks for everyone.

Prices are per couple/ per session.