The expression of the new mother when she holds her newborn baby for her first time in her arms tells her everything. It is an expression that the woman takes for the first time in her life, which marks the total change that she will now experience her whole temperament. But what are the possible emotional fears she struggles with?

Some of the topics we will cover during the event are:
– Emotional safety during birth
– Birth and how it can affect mothers in Postpartum
– Being a mother in another country
– Loneliness
– Identity crisis: Who am I as a mother and as a woman ?
– Challenges, Struggles Growth, Gratitude, among others.

The event is for FREE and is addressed to mothers, mothers-to-be and internationals who would like to connect with other internationals and are interested in the topic.
By covering this event Touching life is going to co-operate with the psychologists of the International Peer Support Network of Eindhoven – IPSN , Valentina Morales R and Erika Szilagyi

Event starts at Friday, May 24 at 19:00
☕ 🍌 🍞 Of course, our appointments it is accompanied by coffee, tea and healthy snacks for everyone.