Online Prenatal Courses

When you sign up for our online childbirth classes, you can get valuable guidance and tips from your smartphone or computer. Our Online childbirth class is a perfect alternative way for parents that expecting and they can not attend on an on-site prenatal class due to medical conditions, distance, time constraints.

  • Time Constraints – Perhaps you and your partner have limited time because of other commitments or activities.
  • Bed Rest – Your healthcare provider may have placed you on bed rest for medical reasons and therefore you cannot attend classes.
  • Timiskaming Health Unit Face-to-Face Classes are Full – Perhaps you have waited too long to register for classes and there is nothing available.
  • Have Given Birth Before – It is always helpful to have a “refresher course”

The online prenatal class will help you:

  • To understand your pregnancy and feel confident with your pregnant body and mind.
  • Learn about labour and the stages of labour.
  • Discover helpful techniques such as breathing, relaxation, massage, labour and pushing positions.
  • Understand other medical procedures such as induction of labour and c- section.
  • Understand which are your options and possible choices by scheduling your birth plan. How to make the best decisions for your birth.
  • Understand what happens during postpartum with breastfeeding and baby care.

The online class is NOT pre-recorded.

These online classes are not meant to replace in-person prenatal classes and should not replace prenatal care from your health care provider.

Understanding Pregnancy

This class will give you tips on exercise, nutrition and reducing stress, so you can improve your chances of having a healthy pregnancy. You will be informed about the symptoms of childbirth so you know what to expect when the time comes to give birth. Through this class you will take encouragement and guidance on how to advocate for your wishes about birth. The class should take between 2 to 2,5 hours to complete. Partners can get advice throughout the course. This class is offered in English and Greek.

Understanding Birth

In this class, you will learn about childbirth from other moms by watching birth story videos. The course will also teach you about different types of delivery methods, including Cesarean birth. Learn about your options for pain medication and inducing labor. Consideration of alternative options for routine labor interventions. Your partner will learn how to help you through contractions and other birth situations. Allow 3 hours to complete this class. This class is offered in English and Greek