Prenatal Classes

Can you imagine feeling totally confident about your baby’s birth?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to look forward to the birth feeling calm and relaxed

Do you want to feel prepared for the birth with all the knowledge and tools you might need? 

Birth is more than having a baby...

Be at the heart of your experience.

There are 6 weekly meetings, either in Greek or English, for mothers and fathers to inform, empower, prepare the couple for both pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. It is suggested to start the sessions after the B-level ultrasound at 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, without this meaning that a couple can not begin preparation later.

Each meeting has a theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part we discuss the female body and the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth, symptoms of preparation and ways of starting a childbirth, its stages and its development. We also discuss how to deal with pain, breastfeeding, nursing and care for the newborn and the mother.

The practical part includes relaxation and breathing techniques that we use in pregnancy and childbirth, preparation of the perineum and pelvis for breastfeeding, breasts for breastfeeding and our meetings are completed with care of the newborn with a real doll.

  • Internships or labor
  • Positions of birth
  • Analgesia methods
  • Breastfeeding cues

The lessons will encourage, support, prepare for delivery, make you feel confident that “you can do it”, and help you through the transition to parenthood. They are an opportunity for your partners to receive advice on how they can help you at the time of delivery, by practicing labor positions, breathing techniques, and more. Also, you can learn practical post-partum tips that will help you enjoy the first weeks at home with your newborn, like bonding, and post-natal care.

The prenatal classes are offered every Wednesday and Friday evening on weekly basis. We also provide private prenatal classes. The sessions are conducted on a one- to- one basis for you and your partner. Let us know your requirements and our midwife will make the necessary arrangements to meet your specific needs. If you have questions, worries or plans, you can discuss these with our experienced professional so we can give you expert advice.

    Current Classes

    Becoming a mother

    Preparing the couple is the most direct way to get empowered and to feel confident about the new role they take. The meeting is based on objective information on childbirth, respecting the choices of woman and her partner, experiential exercises that strengthen the couple's bond with their baby and preparation for the birth and the arrival of the new member.