Prenatal Lessons

Prenatal lessons that provide you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy your pregnancy. Sessions about childbirth, postpartum and parenthood, preparing parents for their new role.

Post Natal Support

Infant massage, breastfeeding consulting, private home visits to help mothers.
With respect, love and knowledge for the new life.

Holistic Care

The midwife is the woman that provides emotional and physical support to the pregnant and new mother, empower her providing immediate information for this period and giving all the tools for the transition to maternity.

Prenatal Classes in English

At Touching Life, we built our philosophy of promoting the emotional and physical well- being of mothers to be, their babies, and the whole family. 

We offer childbirth (Prenatal) classes based on Six basic Birth Practices. Antenatal Workshops with a variety of subjects to educate mothers to be, supporting them throughout pregnancy, and make sure they prepared for labor and early parenthood. Our prenatal classes are organized in English. They addressed to every woman who is going to become a mother but also to couples who want to know more about their new parent role. For first time parents, a prenatal class is a perfect way to learn what to expect about labor, birth, and the first few months of looking after their newborn.  

We believe that pregnant couples can benefit tremendously from the preparation of prenatal classes, including knowing what to expect during birth and taking a right evidence-based answer to guide their birth experience in a way that feels rewarded and empowered.

Our prenatal courses provide a fully comprehensive program that starts from 25 weeks of pregnancy and takes you to delivery and beyond. Anastasia Psaropoulou, a midwife who has worked for ten years as a freelancer midwife and childbirth educator, organized those prenatal classes, willing every couple to get information and knowledge about this beautiful parenthood journey. The courses cover a range of topics including preparing for birth (according to the Dutch healthcare system), breathing techniques, postnatal care, breastfeeding, and sleeping routine that suits to every family.


Prenatal groups – Antenatal classes

Pregnancy is a very beautiful, but sometimes demanding, period as the couple is called to their new role of being parents. Through prenatal lessons we aim to make every woman feel that is capable of trusting her body and her baby, while at the same time the couple comes even closer.

The courses are addressed to prospective mothers, and their partners, being at the 25th week of pregnancy and beyond:

  • Starting points & stages of childbirth.
  • Breathing- Creating bonds from the womb.
  • Methods of alleviating childbirth pain
  • Pushing stage and perineum – Embryo implantation exercises
  • Birth Plan and how we manage obstetric interventions
  • Breastfeeding – How do I manage them and what are the possible problems.
  • Baby care in the first month

Experiential workshop for couples

  • Hugging my fears before hugging my child
  • Preparing the older child for the arrival of the new member


Each woman has her own needs and needs besides her people she trusts and can support her. Childbirth is a beautiful journey and TouchingLife’s midwife is next to the couple during childbirth with respect, taking care of the woman and helping her to harness the power of her nature during bringing her child into the world.


Pregnancy involves both physical and emotional changes that the couple is called upon to manage. TouchingLife supports parents with the following activities:

  • At home
    Breastfeeding Moms & Baby Care Practices
  • Baby massage
    For parents with infants up to 1 year old, and strengthens the bond with their child through respect and healthy touch
  • Experiential workshop for parents
    Overcoming a traumatic experience during childbirth.